June 29, 2016

“I have had a few sessions with Jen, as well as, attended her workshops and classes.

Words can not define her beauty and connection she has with her divine essence and how she bridged her knowing with my own. She truly is such a powerful, conscious facilitator. She has an amazing ability to meet you where you are and bring your higher self into this life experience to empower you to be the amazing being you BE..

Her sessions really gave me clarity and solidified what I already felt true for myself. The affirmations are very valuable in a time when our cognitive minds seem loud and can confuse us. I left my sessions feeling very light, taken care of, and a feeling that all is well, it really is.

We are not alone, we are always being guided and supported for the good of ourselves, our brothers and sisters and the unfoldment of consciousness. We are all so loved and appreciated for what we are doing here.

Jennifer’s gifts of contribution of magnitude are heart felt and greatly appreciated.

I highly recommend spending time with her and her gifts of love and being are truly remarkable. I love her with all my heart….”