June 29, 2016

“Shortly after coaching with Jennifer I began to feel a shift in my perspective on my life. I had been holding onto anger and resentment that I didn’t realize was wearing me down and poisoning me. Through Jennifer’s intuition and understanding of the way things should be for me I was able to release these negative beliefs. I began to see that I was hurting from within and projecting that hurt as anger onto someone who had “wronged” me. As I heard the words come from her lips I immediately saw what was going on in my life with more clarity than ever before. I decided to just stop. Stop being angry and instead love what has happened for it was meant to be and it had a purpose for me to get to where I need to be, which is in a much healthier place than before. I decided to stop trying so hard to figure everything out RIGHT NOW and trust that the universe will answer my questions when it is time, when I am ready to hear the answers they will come. That right there lifted this anxiety state that I had been living in for months, maybe years. I took some suggestions of Jenn’s and now I have a little treasure chest of tools, new beliefs and ideas for living true to my inner goddess. Every day I have my own special ritual that reminds me of my true nature and the way I want to grow it and utilize it within this world. I feel like my world has become more beautiful and magical after just one session. Every week I re-read my notes from our meeting and am divinely inspired by something new. It is truly a gift to have had this experience! I am looking forward to work with this inspiring woman again in the near future.”