June 29, 2016

“Jennifer not only offers an inspirational example of living a more inspirited and inspired life, she whole heartily encourages others do so as well.

I believe, there is no greater joy, and sense of relief than feeling as though you are “on the right path” yet often times, we can get lost, off course and even feel buried alive. The results can tragic at times, as though life is pointless, too challenging and utterly confusing. Jennifer has an exquisite gift (via her capabilities to communicate with the divine) of allowing, channeling, and solidifying a clear path for those who work with her. In a gentle & loving environment, the deepest issues, messages, and insights are revealed and result in greater clarity and a sense of relief. Nothing short of the miraculous happens, as all the treasures (& trappings) that reside within the murkiness come into clarity (be them scary or sublime) and they are allowed to come forth into the light for examination, understanding, and integration. With a competent, compassionate and willing guide to assist you, your options for healing are limitless…

After working with Jennifer, transformations began to occur in my own life that felt like they were moving at light speed. Never before in my experience did things change and open up with such ease and effectiveness. Literally within days, old patterns that were even decades in the making, were shifting or completely abandoned if they didn’t serve me and the people I loved. It was awe inspiring! I was operating with more courage and clarity then I had in years. Talk about getting out of your own way… this is the power of what can be achieved through “doing the work” and for me, Jennifer served as an ultimate catalyst!

I will continue working with Jennifer because I feel with her help, I can only get closer to my calling, purposeful path, authentic self… my OWN life, where I own my power, my choices, my outcomes. My life experience as it was meant to me lived… in freedom and gratitude… I claim it! These are the kind of tools I get from working with Jennifer and they are mine to keep… she gives freely!

I am forever grateful to this lovely woman… she is a blessing in my life. Thank you Jennifer, for doing your work and “doing your work”.