June 29, 2016

“I was stuck with fear and indecision on how to move forward with my family, self and business. Jenn has helped me focus my inner knowledge and passion into action instead of paralysis. The encouragement and power infusion given along with some tools has brought me into a life I only dreamt about. Her expertise and intuition are unsurpassed with ancient wisdom and earth based spirituality that feels truthful and is what my soul had been craving. My family life has been more relaxed and happy, I’m learning to take care of self first. I found my life purpose and I now have a wait list for my business. Truly Grateful. The journey I have been on with Jennifer is simply amazing and priceless…

I have learned to trust myself, check in and discover my intuition. I have learned that feeling your feelings and acknowledging them is powerful to see the story. It may not be the truth so I can question the thoughts and most times the positive thoughts win over the negative. I have fallen in love with myself, which gives me power over my fear. I am much more forgiving of myself and others. I don’t have a need for control. I am much more relaxed and find that I am headed towards my true essence. The density in my life has shifted. I have thicker skin since I am much more secure in myself. I can allow myself to make mistakes and be excited for the learning process that will follow.

I have found true inner strength and an imagination with visions that are invaluable. Jenn you have been an invaluable ally on this journey of life. Your intuition is spot on! I feel honored to have you on my side tackling the deepest most destructive inner thoughts and feelings that I have never shared or even acknowledge with myself. What a gift to have someone to be vulnerable with. I am in tears with gratitude. I feel uplifted and ready to tackle the world, like a superhero with tools that are my super powers! You are fun and uplifting and a no bullshit kind of gal! You are a master and have a unique gift.

What I love about this coaching experience is it keeps me focused on growing and loving myself. Gives me renewed inspiration each time we meet. I find myself slipping in to old ways of being and just a call from you helps me focus my path again. I gain more and more strength with each session.

Everyone needs Jenn!! You are a life changing goddess who really just wants the best for people and to improve the world we live in by uplifting the people into a higher conscious way of being as one organism on this planet by acknowledging our deep connection to each other.”