A mystical & practical MAP to heal your money story, activate your soul wealth blueprint

and unlock lasting peace & prosperity.

A 6 week online journey

Beloved, it’s time for us to gather together in a Holy way, in service to the life your heart desires for and your unique place in co-creating a New Earth.

A journey coded with Prosperity. A journey of higher Destiny.

A journey with Money as your ally not your enemy.

Instead of money stopping and limiting you, it becomes a Resource supporting your aches for, empowerment & creativity.

“Not only have I turned my relationship with money around but my blocks have crumbled, traumas have been transmuted... AND I've tripled my income since taking her Money Course.”

Huich I.

The Money Ascension Path is a Spirit-led MAP for co-creating a sacred relationship of Overflow & Plenty with money, resources and wealth. It weaves ancient Earth based wisdom and advanced Multi-dimensional work for embodied results.

If you desire to:

•  Transform your relationship with money from stress, lack, worry and fear to one of greater ease, joy and flow

•  Heal & forgive your money story (present, past lives & ancestry) and release limited patterns around money & what’s possible for you.

•  Up level your thinking, beliefs and frequency: become a sacred money magnet

•  Embody your unique, Divinely coded, prosperous financial identity

•  Contribute to a healed world by transforming old money paradigm and limiting stories

•  Drop your financial struggle & stop the cycle of suffering

•  Transform your guilt and shame around money

“During the bootcamp, I had 3 new clients sign up for healing work packages and I also got an amazing job doing something I love, writing.”

Lorie A.

M.A.P., a Spirit-directed formula with proven results. It’s a soul journey of alignment with money, wealth and prosperity.

A journey of living in financial overflow, so that money becomes a plentiful resource for your life and your contribution to the New Earth.

I’m on a Soul Mission to empower women, who care deeply about the planet and humanity, to co-creating a life of soul purpose, higher mission and Legacy with Money as an abundant ally.

Let’s get more & more money into the hands of Conscious women in a sacred way.

For fun, joy & peace.

For outrageous dreams.

For the Greater Good.

I’ve watched this MAP work magic in my life, shifting from poverty & homelessness into multi-6 figures and growing. I’ve watched this work for clients and colleagues and now I’m honored to share it with you.

If you desire to:

•  Up level your money manifesting ability & attract, allow, receive, give money with greater ease (Beyond the LOA advanced creation skills)

•  Peace and confidence for living your unique path of abundance

•  Allow, attract, generate, save, give and receive money with greater ease, joy & confidence.

•  Honor your desires and confidently move toward creating them versus feeling unworthy, ridiculous, greedy, selfish, wrong, “who am I’ for wanting them.

•  Experience a new paradigm with money, a prosperous and trusting relationship with money, so that you live daily with joy, time, freedom and creativity

•  Stop playing small, hiding, doubting, deferring, capping and sabotaging yourself around Money

Results matter:

A handful of the countless Miracles and Magic I’ve seen for women in this work:

Unexpected 12k client, as if out of the blue

$1500 unexpected money deposited into the bank

3 signed, new clients

$3200 bonus

Unexpected $4200 in affiliate referrals

5 figure work bonus

30k of debt paid off

$800 cash found in an old checkbook

Husband received 6 figure+ job

200k in the lottery 

Details & Dates:

Lifetime Access to MAP content in Membership site released weekly beginning 6/28:

6 Video Trainings

• 6 Activation Journeys + Prosperity Codes

• 6 Written Guides

• 6 LIVE Group coaching calls (accessible by internet or phone)

*1st round 2021: 6 Thursdays @ 11:30-12:30 PST 7/1 – 8/5

+ Printable M.A.P. Formula Guide

+ Amazing Bonuses (see below)

6 Weekly Video Trainings

A paradigm changing experience of how to apply Conscious Wealth in your life now so that you begin to immediately experience a shift in your prosperity. These content rich & overview videos provide a successful structure and focused principles that you apply immediately.

Videos structured to support effective, results based implementation right away and keep you on track with your transformation so that you don’t just leave with notes, theories and ideas but with actual, effective tools & radical paradigm shifts that make a difference in your money quickly.

Specialized advanced training so that you shift lack, fear, doubt and playing small and allow money to be in abundant service to providing for your bigger life visions.

6 Weekly Activation Visionary Journeys

Activate your highest self so that you are clearly guided on your path of purpose and wealth. Connect with spiritual guidance that is here to support your highest wealth journey.

Clear energetic blocks and limitations and generate deep healing of disempowering karmic, ancestry, family & cultural programming so that you can be FREE.

Create the energetic space to magnetize and receive larger and larger amounts of money and abundance at Quantum Speed. Create the space for receiving miracles.

6 Weekly Written & Home Fun Guides

Experience multi-faceted breakthroughs by accessing and experiencing healing & wealth in a fun, deep, creative and dynamic way.

Practical understanding and application of wealth principles in real time, in your real life through science, structure & creative action with a variety of choices to amplify real and lasting results with your money.

Transform and Solidify your money miracles by going DEEP through a variety of multi-sensory learning experiences so that you can deeply heal, unlock your deeper wealth codes and open to a new experience of what is possible.

6 Weekly LIVE Group calls

Mindset and Vision Breakthrough Coaching that is individualized and collective so that you get the personal attention and community wisdom you need to transform quickly. Group Coaching supports breakthrough and transformation at a rapid pace.

Multi-dimensional Healing so that you receive personalized clearings and activations that benefit both yourself and the entire group. Healing in a group container magnetizes the results and supports them to integrate into your daily life. Increase your wealth frequency by harnessing the energy of the group.

Conscious Community & Masterminding to magnetize and speed up collective results of money miracles. Advanced level manifesting happens with the gathering of like minded people in support of each others healing, visions and wealth up leveling.


Additional LIVE round of Money Ascension Path so that you access the coaching and mentoring for 12 LIVE calls! (Value: $997)


Quantum Akashic Group Clearing & Activation call for Money (Value: $997)

Unhook & resolve 100-1000’s of patterns & blocks that are connected to something invisible, like a past life or ancestral karma that drives the drama in the here & now.

Money Flow Activation (Value: $297)

Align your frequency and energy field with abundance and wealth

Clear blocks, limitations, stories and outside forces that stop you from the money you desire in your life

Increase your money flow through opening channels and opportunities of prosperity

Pay in Full Bonus:

1:1 Spiritual Mentoring, Multi-dimensional Healing and Psychic Reading with Jenn

(Value $697)


If after completion of the Money Miracles Bootcamp you are NOT satisfied with your results, you will receive 100% of your investment back! YES! 100%

DISCLAIMER: You must submit ALL of the course materials 100% fully completed within 7 days of the end of the Bootcamp in order to be eligible for a 100% refund. You cannot submit a refund request form before the end of the Bootcamp.

DISCLAIMER: An empowered and prosperous relationship with money is a lifestyle and takes consistent devotion, just like anything important in life.

This is not for you if are looking for only a quick fix, in financial dire states or not wanting to go deep and not interested in continuing what you learned beyond the Bootcamp.

What other conscious women are saying about their experience in the Course:


“I had been out of work for about 2 years, trying desperately to find a job. During the bootcamp, I had 3 new clients sign up for healing work packages and I also got an amazing job doing something I love, writing.”

– Lorie A.



“I signed 3 new ideal clients almost magically. My husband got a new job synchronistically and almost effortlessly after struggling for months and months to just get an interview”

– Jennifer J.


“…I received an unexpected 20k check in the mail from a distant relative!”

-Wanda V.



“Not only have I turned my relationship with money around but my blocks have crumbled, traumas have been transmuted, and new ways of being have opened up and been activated so that I can consistently manifest big and also remain open to receiving all the abundance that exists all around. AND I’ve tripled my income since taking her Money Course. She has helped me see how small I’ve been playing and taught me how to vision from the heart and to vision big. Work with Jenn, she will get you to your heart’s desire so you can flourish in this life!”

-Huich I.


“I had my best month in business during the Bootcamp.”

-Nancy H.

What others are saying about working with Bountiful Evolution & Jenn:

Copy of Somer

“I’ve felt more empowered, energized, excited and grounded than I have felt in years. I dramatically upleveled at work including a high 6 figure salary and an unexpected 5 figure bonus! I released a martyr story and shifted into a woman warrior story. Jennifer is a personal trainer for your emotional/spiritual body to thrive.”

– Somer Lowery

Copy of Tara

“Coaching with Jenn has brought me into a life I only dreamt about. I found my life purpose and I now have a waiting list for my business. Truly Grateful. The journey I have been on with Jennifer is simply amazing and priceless…” 

-Tara Shee

Jessy Sevi head shot

“Jenn’s become one of my most trusted personal advisors. She wisely guides me to a place that stretches and aligns my personal vision and power and helps remind me what I am capable of. Not only does she help me with valuable perspective shifts that align me more fully with who I am, she provides resources and tools to help me work through any obstacle I may be facing. She is my go to coach.”

– Jessy Servi

Copy of Deb

“This work has been absolutely amazing, aligning, activating, fun, deep, enlightening, and supportive. I launched my website during our work together! Pinch me! I also magically received an unexpected 5 figure gift! And so much to do with living my dreams has happened since I began doing work with you, so much.”

-Deborah Bustamante


“If I could name one thing that made a difference in me living the bold Truth of my own life, it’s working with Jenn. Being a part of a spiritual coaching relationship with her has dramatically changed my life. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Jenn challenges me and also supports, advises and guides me in alignment with my Truth… In the time I have been mentored by Jenn, I have lived a wild life of adventure. I have quit a full time job, where I had 8 years of experience to live a life of travel while working. I have ended a career I have not been in love with for years. I am grateful every day that Jenn and Bountiful Evolution came into my life…”

-Brooke Lawton


“My coaching work with Jen was a soul calling. I transformed deep patterns stopping me. It really is miraculous. With Jen’s guidance, I also began signing private clients to a sacred mentoring program! That is something I have dreamt about for years and now I am living it, sharing my sacred work and making a difference. My mentoring work & yoga studio exceeded 6 figures this year. Wow.”

-Vicky S.

Jennifer Riley is a spiritual mentor and oracle for conscious women on their soul mission path. Her company, Bountiful Evolution, is committed to elevating wealth consciousness and empowering women to have freedom, peace and overflow with money for their lives and the greater good of the planet and humanity. She’s been a professional healer for over 20 years, a leadership coach & spiritual channel for over a decade and a lover of nature & magic for a lifetime.

Bountiful Evolution is committed to co-creating safe space. Social and environmental justice are a core part of Jenn’s work and Bountiful Evolution’s core values. Jenn currently lives in southern Maidu, Nisenan and Miwok territory. Her pronouns are she/her and friends & folks. She supports informed choice versus mandated vaccines. Her money work is connected to healing and protecting land, people and culture through various projects & organizations doing transformational systems work.

This is intended to be a safe and respectful space, as we continue learning together, for a more just world.
Hate is not tolerated.