Let me get personal. 

My story is a vulnerable one. I spend decades struggling around finances. I experienced deep poverty in the United States (nothing compared to other countries).

 a single mother, I went through being on welfare and food stamps, being homeless and feeling like a victim in relationship to money.

Talk about shame and fear!

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Yet, I knew that it was with purpose. I kept seeing myself with a microphone sharing my story.

I knew it was my destiny to transform poverty and fear into rich abundance AND I did. Beyond what I even thought possible.

After many years of deep work and over a 100k in coaching and mentoring, my income and life has far exceeded what I ever thought possible.

I have a successful, thriving business around my soul gifts and on my terms, 5 figure months are normal AND I coach amazing women (and a few men) in rising in their power, purpose and dramatically increasing their wealth.

Here are pictures of me living my dreams & visions in Hawaii and Ireland!

What about you?

Are you ready to achieve your big life dreams and visions but you’re in fear, worry and frustration around money?

What would be possible for your life and your dreams if you were FREE and empowered with money?

It is possible and closer than you think.

I promise it does not have to be hard.

Making money can be FUN, EASY and contribute to the greater good.

Yes, it is True.

You can have freedom, peace, prosperity and make a difference without the cycles of worry and fear around money.

This is where Money Miracles Bootcamp comes in.

I can’t watch “money” be another reason an amazing woman (or heart-centered man) is held back in purpose, passion, joy or contribution.

It is time to stop the suffering around money.

Better yet, it’s time to start to have your own 5-figure months, manifesting BIG visions, giving back with purpose and being FREE with money.

AND It is about so much more than money.


– Freedom
– Fulfillment
– Impact
– Potential
– Having a passionate, meaningful life
– Making a difference
– Transforming the planet


… A life where you trust your capacity to manifest and you always have more money than you need.

…Bills are paid in full, family is taken care of and you get to play.

A life of plenty.

… A life where you can give back to organizations you believe in working for social justice, feeding the hungry, protecting the environment.

It may seem unreal. You may not think it is possible for you or you can’t imagine a reality without the money stress.

The reality is, it is SO very possible.

It is actually aligned with your true nature to live in abundance and plenty.

You are made for so much more than mediocrity.

So much more than worry, lack, fear, scarcity, insecurity.

AND a life of True Wealth is closer than you realize.

I am not talking about just a windfall of extra money (although windfalls are awesome and I can help you make that a regular thing!)

I’m talking about unlocking your wealth potential.

As we unlock your wealth potential, not only does the money flow with seeming magic but you witness an expansion of both vision and possibility in your life.

You are no longer held back in lack. This unleashes your gifts, your contribution, your passions, your vision into the world.

It is our responsibility to unleash the force of our wealth through our lives and into our world.

As a committed Change Maker and Visionary, I know that empowering you around your relationship with money is the most direct way to manifest your potential & visions while transforming the world.

It is time for changemakers to have a wealthy and healthy relationship to money so that you can get on with the real work and stop spinning out and being held back with finances.

Are you ready to become an empowered and prosperous steward of wealth?

If YES, I have a very special opportunity for you! You are invited to join us for the Money Miracles Bootcamp

A LIVE 6-Week Step By Step Journey
For Transforming And Empowering Your Relationship With Money So That You Break Free From Your Abundance Blocks,
Deeply Heal, Consistently Manifest Prosperity
And Live a Life Full of Freedom, Wealth And Purpose.

This beautiful course is a blend of the mystical and the practical for EFFECTIVE and LASTING RESULTS.

This will
 change the way you do money forever. 

Here are just a few of the results from our beta round of Money Miracles earlier this year:

Unexpected 5 figure pay in full client

3 new signed


$1500 unexpected money deposit

Best month of business in a year

Unexpected $4200 in affiliate referrals

“Best month of business in a year”
Nancy H.
"Coaching with Jenn has brought me into a life I only dreamt about. I found my life purpose and I now have a waiting list for my business. Truly Grateful. The journey I have been on with Jennifer is simply amazing and priceless..."
Tara Sheen
“… received an unexpected 20k”!
Wanda V.
"I've felt more empowered, energized, excited and grounded than I have felt in years. I dramatically upleveled at work including a high 6 figure salary and an unexpected 5 figure bonus! I released a martyr story and shifted into a woman warrior story. Jennifer is a personal trainer for your emotional/spiritual body to thrive."
Somer Lowery
“I signed 3 new ideal clients almost magically. My husband got a new job synchronistically and almost effortlessly after struggling for months and months to just get an interview”
Jennifer J.
"This work has been absolutely amazing, aligning, activating, fun, deep, enlightening, and supportive. I launched my website during our work together! Pinch me! I also magically received an unexpected 5 figure gift! And so much to do with living my dreams has happened since I began doing work with you, so much."
Deborah Bustamante

Here is HOW the program works (the nitty gritty):

You get started with your epic bonuses immediately upon registration.

The week of January 6, 2019, the preparation work begins with the release of the M.A.G.I.C. Manifestation Training and the LIVE Q & A Call.

This is to get your manifesting skills honed with a successful, fun system AND to clarify your vision for your 2019 prosperity and wealth.

The prep work will powerfully support you getting the most out of the Bootcamp, as well as, setting you up for success this year.

The Money Miracles 6 week Bootcamp officially runs from February 4th – March 15th  2019.

Modules are released on Mondays.

Group Coaching Q & Q and Live Activations are Fridays in Group Pods of no more than 22 so that you get the individualized support you need versus being lost in super large numbers.


Weekly Video Trainings

A paradigm changing experience of how to apply Conscious Wealth in your life now so that you begin to immediately experience a shift in your prosperity. These content rich & overview videos provide a successful structure and focused principles that you apply immediately.

Videos structured to support effective, results based implementation right away and keep you on track with your transformation so that you don’t just leave with notes, theories and ideas but with actual, effective tools & radical paradigm shifts that make a difference in your money quickly.

Specialized advanced training so that you shift lack, fear, doubt and playing small and allow money to be in abundant service to providing for your bigger life visions.

Weekly Activation Visionary Journeys

Activate your highest self so that you are clearly guided on your path of purpose and wealth. Connect with spiritual guidance that is here to support your highest wealth journey.

Clear energetic blocks and limitations and generate deep healing of disempowering karmic, ancestry, family & cultural programming so that you can be FREE.

Create the energetic space to magnetize and receive larger and larger amounts of money and abundance at Quantum Speed. Create the space for receiving miracles.

Weekly Written & Home Fun Guides

Experience multi-faceted breakthroughs by accessing and experiencing healing & wealth in a fun, deep, creative and dynamic way.

Practical understanding and application of wealth principles in real time, in your real life through science, structure & creative action with a variety of choices to amplify real and lasting results with your money.

Transform and Solidify your money miracles by going DEEP through a variety of multi-sensory learning experiences so that you can deeply heal, unlock your deeper wealth codes and open to a new experience of what is possible.

Weekly LIVE Group calls

*Pods of no more than 22

Mindset and Vision Breakthrough Coaching that is individualized and collective so that you get the personal attention and community wisdom you need to transform quickly. Group Coaching supports breakthrough and transformation at a rapid pace.

Multi-dimensional Healing so that you receive personalized clearings and activations that benefit both yourself and the entire group. Healing in a group container magnetizes the results and supports them to integrate into your daily life. Increase your wealth frequency by harnessing the energy of the group.

Conscious Community & Masterminding to magnetize and speed up collective results of money miracles. Advanced level manifesting happens with the gathering of like minded people in support of each others healing, visions and wealth upleveling.

Private Facebook Group

An opportunity to gather and share in conscious community, get support through this up level and magnify your wealth and manifestation results.

Check out some of the content

  • Belief Transmutation; Money as mirror, teacher and healer
  • Whole Money Healing; Ancestry, DNA and Descendants
  • Living Your Divine Wealth Money Story; Your True Identity of Worth
  • Overcome Resistance, Setback and Roadblocks; The Dark Forces
  • Advanced Money Manifestation; Creating and Keeping Larger Amounts of CASH
  • Being a Sacred Money Steward; Integrating Conscious Purpose, Relationships & Wealth
  • Best of All, You’re going to get some amazing, extra special bonuses...

    Bonus #1: M.A.G.I.C. Manifesting Training LIVE Q & A Call

    Learn my easy to apply signature manifesting formula to consistently manifest whatever you desire with speed and ease without being stopped by fear, lack, circumstance or doubt.

    Would you like to have the personal formula I have created and continue to use to manifest world trips, homes, cars, ideal clients, 6 figure income and more?

    Apply a proven structure for high level manifesting, beyond the Law of Attraction, AND have breakthrough coaching so that you transform what stops you and receive your manifestations.

    Bonus #2: Advanced Manifestation

    Take your manifesting skills to the next level with practical, fun manifestation hacks. (Including manifesting LARGER amounts of MONEY)

    Apply secret tools and tricks of high level manifestation to up level, hone and quantum leap your manifestation skills to the next level.

    Start having consistent success with anything you are manifesting by applying these dynamic manifestation and step into manifestation mastery.

    Bonus #3: Money Flow Activation Recording

    Align your frequency and energy field with abundance and wealth

    Clear blocks, limitations, stories and outside forces that stop you from the money you desire in your life

    Increase your money flow through opening channels and opportunities of prosperity

    Bonus #4: Prosperity & Purpose Multi-Summit Bundle

    Have lifetime access to over 45 interviews with changemakers and leaders in the field of wealth, purpose, destiny and money.

    Receive tools, hacks, secrets and steps for transforming your relationship with money and living your purpose from the very best of the best industry leaders.

    Would you like to have wisdom and support for aligning your prosperous path of purpose that you can apply both spiritually and practically AND high level tools for breakthrough when you are stuck?

    Bonus #5: 1:1 Integration Psychic Mentoring Session with ME!

    Receive private 1:1 coaching and psychic visionary support so that you can apply the Money Miracles Bootcamp in the most effective, lucrative way.

    Have access to high caliber guidance that has generated 100’s of thousands of dollars in aligning purpose and wealth and is usually only available in yearlong private mentoring for a 5 figure investment.

    Experience deep transformation as you rapidly clear what stops you and step forward on your prosperous path of destiny.

    Bonus #6: Women’s Money Miracles 2 Day LIVE Equinox Workshop & Ceremony

    *limited space available, application and small fee required for integrity

    Experience powerful experiential processes AND practical application that generate results of increasing money flow and living in the abundance zone.

    Receive personal mentoring and healing with me so that you transform your relationship with yourself, your money and your purpose on the planet resulting in increasing your finances with meaning and magic.

    Spend time with other high caliber women in community doing the empowerment work to live a conscious and wealthy life of purpose.


    If after completion of the Money Miracles Bootcamp you are NOT satisfied with your results, you will receive 100% of your investment back! YES! 100%

    DISCLAIMER: You must submit ALL of the course materials 100% completed within 30 days of the end of the Bootcamp in order to be eligible for a 100% refund. You cannot submit a refund request form before the end of the Bootcamp.

    DISCLAIMER: An empowered and prosperous relationship with money is a lifestyle and takes consistent devotion, just like anything important in life. This is not for you if are looking for only a quick fix, not wanting to go deep and not interested in continuing what you learned beyond the Bootcamp.

    INVESTMENT in your empowered relationship with money for life:


    Early Bird Pricing is Over!

    Bountiful Evolution community EARLY BIRD price

    $ 1497

    3 Pay Option

    $ 597

    Expected RESULTS from full participation in Money Miracles Bootcamp:

  • Freedom from worry, struggle, lack and fear in relationship to money
  • Peace and guidance for living your unique path of abundance
  • Create a beloved and prosperous relationship with wealth so that you can experience joy, freedom and creativity every day
  • Release your pain and disempowered patterns around money
  • Bring healing and abundance to the world as a result of transforming old money paradigm and limiting stories
  • Drop your financial struggle & stop the cycle of suffering
  • Transform guilt and shame around money
  • Uplevel your money manifesting ability & attract money with grace and ease
  • If you’re ready to transform your relationship with money and unleash the power of wealth for the highest good of your life and our world, I would absolutely LOVE to serve and support you!

    The time is NOW!

    It is absolutely possible for you to live in freedom, prosperity and peace with money and no longer struggle, play small or live in limitation.

    It is possible for you to free your energy from fear and to rise up into abundance and to create what you choose for your life versus be held back by circumstance.

    We are creating a high caliber group who are ready and committed to an empowered relationship with money.

    I can’t wait to take this magical and transformative journey together.

    In Vision, Prosperity and Magic,


    Bountiful Evolution

    Wealth Consciousness Coach
    Advanced Manifestation Mentor
    Multi-dimensional & Transformational Healer