Abundance Matrix Workshop

The Conscious Wealth Formula to unlock lasting peace & prosperity with Money

Money & wealth healing, transformation and expansion.

In this F.R.E.E. workshop we’ll cover:

• 4 Conscious Wealth keys for the New Paradigm and simple tools to apply them immediately

• Unhook from illusions hijacking your access to wealth & money (keeping you stuck in worry, fear, shame, guilt & lack.)

• What wealth really is & where it comes from, so that you access the overflow available to you

• The #1 Money Hack to shift your money story quickly

• The massive missing link in LOA, resulting in inconsistent and disappointing manifesting results

+ Bonus gift: Abundance Matrix Journey to activate your higher codes of money & prosperity

LIVE workshop dates coming soon! 

Jennifer Riley is a spiritual mentor and oracle for conscious women on their soul mission path. Her company, Bountiful Evolution, is committed to elevating wealth consciousness and empowering women to have freedom, peace and overflow with money for their lives and the greater good of the planet and humanity. She’s been a professional healer for over 20 years, a leadership coach & spiritual channel for over a decade and a lover of nature & magic for a lifetime.